jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

How to face a break up

When you break up with somebody you feel powerless to move, you feel everything is against you and there is no output. You worry, you complain but don't realize that's the detail, that you don't do anything and while you don't do anything nothing will change around you. You're the only person who can help yourself, the solution is in you, in your hands, you just need the will to overcome it and not feel like that any more. You must be strong and not let someone else be the cause of your sadness. You're more than that, you deserve more than that. You have to love yourself and not give your energy to someone who does not deserve it. It is a strong process but do not let the process to take you, you can control it, you Can. Do not let the problems consume your time and apart you from enjoying other things that will enrich your life.
You must not hold the pain in your heart. You must to release it. So the first thing you must do is CRY. Cry all you can to bring out the pain, but don’t do it for weeks or months, NOT. Cry for a short time. Another thing you can do is go to a natural place as mountain and when you are on top screaming "aaaaaaahhhh" sounds silly to some people but believe me it helps. Another thing you can do is hugging a tree, by doing it your negative and sorrows vibes will be gone and you will feel relieved. Work out, stay busy, meet new places, new people.
Take a pen and paper and write all that things what you think this person is good or not good for you. You must be honest with yourself and write down all the good things or bad things that that person has. In most cases it has been know that when you finish that list you'll notice a lot of things you could not see before. You'll notice that there are more negative than positive things, and when that is so it is better to be alone than badly accompanied.
Sometimes you feel very upset because you decided to put your happiness in somebody's hands. You let your happiness depend on that person. That is the worst mistake you can make, but you can fix it starting today. First you must be happy and then share your happiness with another person. You must have the will to keep going because you can and you deserve it. You must tell yourself, "I love myself, I deserve the best, I'm happy, and my happiness does not depend on anyone". Every day you must say so even though if you don't feel it because you are affected, but as days pass you will see the changes. You can overcome this situation; remember that everything is in your will, your mind and your thoughts. Say every day "I am a happy person." Remember that everything that happens to us is an experience to learn never to crash with the same stone. Take failures as strength and encouragement to move forward.

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