martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

Communication is essential.

How much easier every thing would be if we communicate well. Communication is essential in any relationship. People often make assumptions about others, instead of asking.
Every good relationship is based on good communication, where we listen and respect the other's opinion.
It is so easy and wonderful to go to bed without doubts or concerns. We simply must to talk and not let our pride to win.
Communicate more, suffer less:
1) Before bed clarify any misunderstandings. Go to bed happy.
2) Say what you like and do not like. Don't let things build up in your mind, TALK.
3) Do not assume, do not say "that's what I thought..". Don't make assumptions based on what you THINK you saw. You need to ask questions and talk it out.
4) Say good morning, good evening, please and thanks with a smile. Be nice.
5) Learn to say "I' am sorry" or apologize when you're wrong or do
something that was not right. Be honest with yourself.
6) Stay until the conversation is over. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

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