lunes, 27 de julio de 2015

Life Decisions: who is the best adviser?

Who says that is easy to make a big decision that is going to change your life?  A lot of people say that it is easy, but they say that when the case is not referring to themselves. It is effortless to give advice, right?  But when you try to select the best option for your life, a lot of thoughts come to your mind and you cannot stop

them easily. So, you start thinking what to do, and  start asking your family, friends and everybody what they would think if you do this or if you do that. And at the end, you realize that you are the only person that has to know what to do.  Now, you must be thinking yes, that is true, but how can I do it? Well, do some soul searching.. what? Yes, the best guide that you have in your life is inside of you and it is your heart. You have to follow, listen, feel and hear what it tells you. You can ask it and it will have two responses Yes or No. How can I know what the heart says? Easy, you will ask it a question, and it will respond you through your emotions. For example: imagine that you are planning to move to another city but you are not sure about it. So, you will ask yourself: if it is a good idea to move to another city and at the same time you will visualize yourself living there and doing things that think you can do over there. Then, if you feel really happy, peaceful and emotionally fine about it the answer is a YES for sure, but if you feel terrified and feel so sad that you want to cry and cry and can´t stop , the answer is obviously NO. So, the first thing you must do the next time you have to  make a life decision is ask to your heart about it, and it will help you properly.

My English is not the best but I am improving every day :)

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