sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015


  • Looking at  his eyes and feel that you are floating.
  • Seeing him smiling and always happy.
  • Supporting him in his big dreams without cutting his wings.
  • Giving him your hand when he need it more and hugging him anytime you can.
  • Kissing him and trusting on him.
  • To forgive and apologize without being masochist.
  • Communicating without hurting each other.
  • Fighting and having hope to be together again. 
  • Sharing shinny and dark days.
  • Providing powerful and optimistic energy when he feels weak.
  • Understanding and cheering him up in his bad days.
  • Cutting his pessimistic chain and make him see everything positively. 
  • Giving and sharing your love and all you can offer.
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