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Learn How to Love Yourself

Sometimes we feel sad and depressed and we think nothing will get back to normal. Our mood is down and we don't want to wake up and face the world. We could think that we are not worth it and that we will never achieve our dreams. We could be sad because something horrible happened to us or because we think the world is against us and nothing is in our favor. In fact, we tend to blame people for our attitude, behavior or failures, because in the end, it is easier to do so.  We don't take responsibility for our behavior and if we keep doing that we are not going to get out from the hole we're in.

When we are depressed, our self-esteem is on the floor and the only way to improve it is by working on it. That means we have to love ourselves and start to think positively all the time. Of course, it takes time, I am not going to lie to you, but the sooner you start, the faster you get better. 

You may be wondering "how do I start working on my self-esteem?" Guess what? I found a really good place to start. I only recommend things I have tried before and believe me this works. It is a life-changing practice called "Mirror Work" created by Louise Hay, a great writer who has written several books on how to heal our soul and body in different ways.

This practice just takes 21 days. Every day you will repeat an exercise of one minute, 5 times. That means just 5 minutes of your day for 21 days. Believe me, it's worth it. The practice is explained in 3 videos. In the first video, you will follow the given instruction for seven days. In the 8th day, you will listen to the second video and so on until you get to the last video and complete the 21 days. Easy peasy lemon Squeezy! So are you willing to be happy, to start loving yourself, and conquer all that you want? If the answer is yes, click the links below.

Good luck everyone, I hope you have the courage to start living the life you deserve. Remember only you can work on yourself and nobody can to do it for you. Start today, don't procrastinate, be strong, love yourself, You Can Do This!

A big hug, I hope this helps and improves somebody's life.  Smile :)

1) First Video. Practice it for 7 days

2) Second Video. Start on the 8th day.

3) Third Video. Start on the 16th day.

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